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The Blue Rockit Band

A musical revue that provides a variety of styles including Rock, Pop, R&B, Blues, Country, Jazz and Reggae. The difference between other bands and Blue Rockit is that we take each style seriously! At the Core of Blue Rockit you’ll find four musicians whose talent and experience as individuals compliment the total package.

The Derringers

The Derringers are a San Diego-based band playing good time Blues, Boogie and early Rock n Roll music.

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the group creates an eclectic and vibrant atmosphere with their improvisational playing styles and creative approach to each song. Drawing from various influences ranging from Latin grooves, original compositions, and a couple of musical surprises, the trio navigates its way through both classic and original standards for an ever-changing sonic landscape that is sure to keep guests on their toes. This dynamic blend of sounds will surely provide audience members with a unique musical experience like no other.

Lower Left

This amazing trio of musicians from San Diego, California. Interpreting jazz standards in their own unique style

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